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#Nomorestolensisters #Bringourgirlsback

Many Black and Indigenous girls are labeled as runaways regardless of the situation. They are not given search parties, reward money, or posted in the news. These are databases to help bring them home 

Missing Databases

This database contains missing black women/girls. They also share the stories of murdered Black Girls. These stories and missing girls are from the 1910s-present day.  

This database houses national information on missing and unidentified individuals across the nation. It is a resource center that provides support, technology, and resources.  

This database allows you to report missing persons and search for them. It is a foundation that is fighting to bring awareness to black missing persons cases. It is also a tv series that explores how this is systemic racism. 

This database focuses on logging cases of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited people. It is focused on the US and Canada. 

This database is an international system for missing and unidentified persons. It is an 100% volunteer based organization that assist with cold cases. They offer many resources on their website that are more of a national basis. 

This database allows you to search missing children posters. It is run by the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. They offer support for families, resources, and education opportunities. 

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