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Resources to
Get Involved

Support for Black and Indigenous Women! Links to get involved, how to support, donate, and get help.

National Human Trafficking Hotline

This hotline helps to find legal and social services for victims and survivors of Human Trafficking. They offer services and safety planning

NAMI Steps on How to Find a Missing Loved One The National Alliance on Mental Illness outlines the best ways to help search for missing persons and resources available. 

National Runaway Safeline The National Runaway Safeline offers calling, text, and email in order to receive support. They also offer an online forum and post events that are happening. 

Sovereign Bodies Institute Sovereign Bodies Institute collects data and knowledge on gender and sexual violence against Indigenous people. This includes a database, MMIWG2, that logs cases of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, and two spirit people, from 1900 to the present.

Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native American Women The Coalition focuses on building, educating, and growing within the tribal community. They do training and advocation work when community building. 

National Indigenous Women's Resource Center
The center focuses on ending violence against American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian women. They offer resources to tribes, advocation, policy development, and technical assistance/training. 

National Black Women's Justice Institute
Focuses on dismantling criminalization of Black women and girls. They work on creating and enhancing opportunities for incarcerated women/girls. They promote mental health services to help heal black girls and other youth of color. 


A national Campaign that focuses on putting an end to all forms of gender violence that Black women, girls, femmes and gender non-conforming people face on a daily basis. 

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA
MMIW's mission to help reunite the families of missing indigenous women. They offer support and guidance that is hands on for families of murdered indigenous women to support them through the process of grief. 

Native Women's Wilderness 
Focuses on bringing together Native women together for support, celebrate, and exploration of Native Land. 

Helping Survivors

Helping Survivors is an organization on a mission to help heal, educate, and empower people who have been impacted by sexual assault and abuse. 

They provide individuals with accurate, trustworthy and up-to-date information regarding their legal, financial, and healthcare options for individuals after experiencing sexual assault and abuse.

Herman Law 

Herman Law is the nation’s leading law firm for survivors of sexual abuse. They're most notable cases include institutional sex abuse in religious institutions, the foster care system, schools, health care facilities, camps, day care centers, the Boy Scouts of America program, and other organizations.

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